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Belt Ranking System

Letter to Students and Parents About Belt Testing

Promotional Belt Testing

The goal of belt testing is to move up through the ranks so that you can learn new material. The Taekwondo America curriculum is structured so that most students, working out 2 - 3 times per week, can be ready to test every two months. However, we recognize that every student is an individual, and no one is ever required to test if he or she is not ready. An instructor will tell the student when he or she is ready to test.

Taekwondo America holds promotional testings every two months. The testing fee is $40 for white - red belts and $60 for first recommended black belts. Parents and friends are invited to come and watch. No classes are held on testing days. After a successful testing, the student is awarded a new rank and given a rank certificate in class.

In our system, there is no such thing as failing a test. To fail means to be reduced in rank. If you do not pass your test, it means only that you need more time to work on the current material. Any student who does not pass a test is not required to pay for subsequent testings until he or she passes.