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"I asked some of the other soccer moms, 'Who should I go to for martial arts lessons?' Every one of them said, 'Take them to David Rogers.'"  — Lisa Erwin, mom of Ryan and Hayden, First Degree Decided Black Belts

"We have two sons, ages 13 & 11, that have been taking classes at Denton Taekwondo Academy since mid-August of 2006. Our oldest son has been diagnosed with a form of Cerebral Palsy, while our youngest son has been diagnosed with scoliosis and some related problems with his hips, legs, and feet. Although we had seen some minor improvements in our oldest son through 6 months of very expensive physical therapy, nothing compares to the improvement we have seen in both boys through taekwondo. We believe that this improvement in the physical abilities of both our sons is as much the result of the comprehensive but caring teaching philosophy of Cheryl Rogers and other instructors at DTA as it is the physical discipline of Taekwondo. We highly recommend Denton Taekwondo Academy to any parent (and have repeatedly) wanting their children to grow in areas of personal self-esteem, self-discipline, as well as their physical abilities." — Mick & Pam Owen, parents of Sean and Blane, Green Belts

Taekwondo for Children

We teach children ages five and up how to punch and kick ... correctly! Our instructors are experienced at working with kids, encouraging their interest in martial arts in a nonthreatening way. As they progress in rank, they learn respect for themselves and others, gain fitness, and develop pride, focus, and self-discipline.

Develops Self-Discipline

When asked what they would like their child to get out of taekwondo, most parents cite, "self-discipline." Our program helps to increase the children's attention span, promotes concentration skills, and then rewards them for their accomplishments. Teaching a child how to discipline him or herself allows that child to perform well in other activities: school, scouting, sports, music, and later, college and careers. We're shaping the leaders of tomorrow!

Promotes Safety Awareness

Hundreds of children are abducted every year because they are not aware that they are in danger. The kids in our taekwondo course learn how to recognize an unsafe situation, and what to do about it.

Increases Self-Confidence

As students achieve higher rank, they are proud of the progress they've made. They are shown respect by lower-ranking students and instructors. Martial arts gives them the confidence to try other new things: enter a spelling bee, try out for band, drill team, or debate club. And because our students know how to defend themselves, they are less likely to fight. After all, aggression is a symptom of low self-esteem.

Enhances Flexibility and Fitness

As students progress in rank, and become more physically fit, the exercises become more fun and complex. Students and parents report that taekwondo is a terrific supplement to other sports, keeping kids active and fit during off seasons of baseball, basketball, football, and soccer. However, martial arts is not just for natural athletes! It will greatly improve any child's fitness and flexibility. They're having so much fun that they don't know it's work!

Improves Coordination

During their growing-up years, all children go through phases of awkwardness. Taekwondo teaches balance, grace, and coordination on both left and right sides. Children learn to simultaneously perform different movements with their feet and hands, balance and jump on one leg, and predict similar movements in the other students.

Teaches Social Skills and Respect

Our taekwondo program requires the children to learn and use courtesy. Simple but vital concepts such as taking turns, speaking respectfully to the instructors and other students, thanking each other, encouraging their classmates, bowing and shaking hands are an integral part of each class.

Watch Belt Testing Board Breaks*
6-year-old red belt (2MB)

Watch Children's Free Sparring

Watch More Children's Free Sparring

*Note: red and black belts are required to break boards at testing to show power, focus, and technique. If they do not break their boards, they do not pass....



See the Denton Taekwondo Academy web site for class times & prices, and to register for a free class!

Project Safe Childhood (US Dept. of Justice)