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Most people take about three years to attain the rank of Black Belt. In our system, Black Belt means that you have mastered the basics.

See the Denton Taekwondo Academy web site for belt rank study guides.

Belt Ranking System

The different belt colors signify rank, i.e. skill and to some extent, time in training. The belt system is a way to break the larger goal of Black Belt into smaller, short-term goals so that students can gauge their progress. Taekwondo America awards belt ranks in the following order:

taekwondo america belt displayWhite

There are two additional "levels" of Yellow through Red Belt: low-ranking and high-ranking. Two months between testings, working out 2 - 3 days per week, allows most students to progress smoothly.

It takes the average student 90 - 120 hours, spread out over 15 - 18 months of in-class training under the supervision of a Certified Instructor to achieve the rank of Red Belt. At this point, self-defense should be automatic and instinctive. After Red Belt it takes 10 - 14 months to earn the rank of Black Belt. Students must test twice for their First Degree Decided Black Belt.

Taekwondo America does not have "junior" black belts. If a student has successfully completed the Black Belt testing requirements, he or she is a Black Belt regardless of age. However, you must be at least 13 years old to test for Second Degree Black Belt.

Other organizations and schools may use different colors, more colors, or fewer colors. There is no great significance to this.