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Awareness is the backbone of any self-defense program.

The better you understand your environment, the easier it is to control an unpleasant situation.

Self Defense Awareness Tips

Denton is a college town and we have lots of UNT and TWU students who train with us. Since it is common for college students to live alone in nearby apartments, it's important to be aware of these 10 common-sense safety tips.

1. When entering your home, walk through every room checking closets, windows, and places a person could hide.

2. Keep doors locked at all times.
    A. A good deadbolt or lock bar is the best deterrent.
    B. "Peepholes" let you see who is on the other side safely.
    C. Have a good window lock system.

3. Keep blinds/draperies closed at night.

4. If you will not be home at dusk, set timers to turn on either your TV or radio, and at least one light.

5. Develop a "Phone Check-In System" with a friend. (Note: The system is only as good as its people.)

6. When parking your car, keep in mind the time of day you will be returning. After dark, your parking place may not be as safe as it was hours before.

7. Walk to your car or door with your key in your hand.
    A. It makes entrance faster.
    B. In case of emergency, your keys are an excellent weapon.
    C. Apartment hunting tip: When looking for a place to live, be
        aware of how safe it is to walk from your car to your

8. Look in your back seat before getting in your car.
    A. Be aware of what is around your car as you walk toward it.
    B. Lock your door immediately after getting in.

9. Be aware of strange (unfamiliar) people in your environment.

10. Practice self-defense techniques during everyday activities.