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"Our oldest daughter is two years from going off to college and your training will help her meet some of the challenges she might encounter after she leaves the nest." — Jim Haltom, dad of Mandy, Kristen, Matt, and Melissa, First Degree Decided Black Belts, and Rose, Blue Belt

"Thank you again for all the support you continue to give our son. We are very proud of him for staying with Taekwondo in the midst of his heavy academic and extra-curricular schedule. We know that the training he is receiving with you goes far beyond the physical. It has helped him to become more determined, focused and confident. It is training for life." — Lori D. Cadwallader, Bilingual Kindergarten Teacher, mom of 14-year-old Luke, First Degree Decided Black Belt.

Taekwondo for Men, Women, and Teens

Our taekwondo course offers a practical self-defense program for men, women, and teens. Students learn how to use the stronger parts of their bodies against the weaknesses of a potential attacker. Taekwondo as a martial art has many other benefits as well, aside from the feeling of enhanced security and confidence.

Complete Physical Fitness Program

Taekwondo is a complete workout, involving every aspect of athleticism: balance, coordination, strength, endurance, and flexibility. Training is both aerobic and anaerobic. As the students gradually progress in rank, the exercises become more strenuous and complex. Taekwondo is never boring!

Promotes Mental Awareness

An essential part of self-defense is recognizing a bad situation for what it is. Our students learn how to recognize an unsafe situation, and what to do about it. They also develop a personal style of self-defense rooted within their own belief systems.

Develops Self-Discipline

Self-discipline isn't just for kids. Our belt ranking system allows adult and young adult students to set short-term goals and then strive to meet those goals. Working toward goals in taekwondo carries over into other areas of life: college, continuing education, family, hobbies, and careers.

Increases Self-Confidence

As students achieve higher rank, they are proud of their progress. They are shown respect by lower-ranking students and instructors. Taekwondo instills confidence because there's really no way to fail. According to a study published in Psychology Today, martial artists have less anxiety, a greater sense of responsibility, are less likely to take risks, and are more socially intelligent.

Reduces Stress

There's nothing like pounding on a bag and yelling really loud at the end of a long day at work. Taekwondo is a safe outlet for frustrations at work, home, or during the commute. And ladies, bring your husbands in, too. We have terrific family rates!


Self-Defense Awareness Tips